Humankind Gets Served by Dancing Robot Dog

I’ve been accused of being a little too paranoid about a potential “robot uprising.” I guess not everyone freaks out upon seeing a machine that can read your mind, or thinks an adorable mechanical animal that can jump and open doors is worrisome. But even if I am (hopefully) proven wrong and we never have to bow down to our machine overlords, it’s clear humankind has already lost one major battle to them: the battle of the dance floor. This robot dog’s sweet moves prove we just got served.Only a few days after showing the world their equally incredible and terrifying parkour robot, Boston Dynamics has returned with a video of their robot dog, titled “Uptown Spot.”  We’ve watched Spot “grow up” over the years, getting more streamlined and advanced with each new generation, but “stop, wait a minute,” we never thought the day would come when he would be a better dancer than us.

Dog damn look at those moves! Although, when it’s done by a robot is it still considered “The Running Man” or…?It’s genuinely remarkable how far Boston Dynamics has come with Spot, who used to be bulkier and didn’t turn as well. His movements are so fluid and precise now. I don’t want to celebrate too much, because while many of you will see this as a fun example of a technological marvel with even greater promise, I see something else. I see the dance the robots will do on humankind’s grave when they truly serve us.At least it’ll look cool?

What song would you love to see Spot dance to? Hit the right notes in our comments section below.

Featured Image: Boston Dynamics

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