Dancing Baby Groot USB Car Charger Is the Cutest Co-Pilot Ever

Until Tesla, Uber, or Tony Stark bring self-driving cars to the masses, car-drivin’ folk with their regular ol’ wetware brains and meat mittens are going to have to put up with lousy drivers (you know, anybody who’s on the road who’s not you), and mind-numbing traffic jams. But, there are ways to make driving woes just a bit less of a groot-uitous pain: That’s right, you can now make your daily I am Groot a little more I am Groot with this dancing Baby Groot USB car charger.

Anybody who’s seen Guardians of the Galaxy will no doubt recall Baby Groot and his twig-tastic little dance moves to The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.” Now, you can have your own little dance party to help you chill out when you’re on the road and all you want to do is grab the driver in front of you and do something that would make Rocket think you need anger management.A clip of the dancing Baby Groot charger, which is available through ThinkGeek and comes via io9, is posted above and shows off the cute little guy’s adorable twisty moves. The officially licensed charger has been made to fit a car’s cup holder, plugs into a DC12V (cigarette lighter), and is outfitted with two USB chargers. You know, in case Drax wants to charge his phone while you do. Definitely don’t want to say no to that guy.

What do you think about this dancing Baby Groot USB car charger? Do you need a little more Groot in your life to hold you over until  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 comes out? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: ThinkGeek

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