Daisy Ridley Builds a LEGO Millennium Falcon While Answering STAR WARS Questions

Daisy Ridley was a complete unknown just a few short years ago, and now her Star Wars character Rey is a household name and a global icon, especially for young girls. For someone suddenly thrust into the worldwide spotlight, having to do one media appearance after another over these past few years, Ridley has acquitted herself very nicely by letting her innate charm come through.

The latest video interview where Daisy’s personality really gets to shine comes to us through Elle UK TV (via Jedi News), and features Ridley answering a variety of questions to promote the upcoming The Last Jedi, all while attempting to build a LEGO Millennium Falcon in the span of just a few minutes.

Now, anyone who collects LEGO knows just how long it takes to build some of the more complex sets like this one. Can Daisy accomplish such a feat in that short of a timeframe? Well, she does have the Force working in her favor after all, maybe she can pull it off.

Among the revelations in this short interview, we find out that Daisy and co-star John Boyega tease each other mercilessly, that she’s allergic to cats, and that despite her best efforts, Daisy’s father is still a bigger Star Trek fan than a Star Wars fan (although we here at Nerdist believe there is more than enough room in one’s heart for more than one geeky property with the word “star” affixed to it, thank you very much). You can watch the entire interview above.

Are you as excited as we are to see Daisy Ridley wield her lightsaber once again in The Last Jedi? Be sure to let us know below in the comments.

Images: Lucasfilm, Elle

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