This Wholesome YouTube Channel is Full of “Dadvice”

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you had someone to turn to for parental advice when dealing with life’s little problems, Dad, How Do I? is the YouTube channel for you. From tying a tie, to checking your oil, to changing a flat tire, and more, this wholesome channel is packed with dad energy to help you navigate being a grownup.

And oh yes, there are Dad Jokes.

Dad, How Do I

Dad, How Do I?/Rob Kenney

Rob Kenney is now the internet’s dad, using his YouTube channel to give people who need a little “dadvice” some help. He’s raised two kids successfully himself—and they even still call him when they have a question or two, he boasts. His own dad wasn’t the best parental figure, he shares in a recent interview, so Kenney is determined to provide that guidance in matters both practical and emotional.

Since going viral when his channel was featured both on television in his hometown of Seattle and widely on the internet, Dad, How Do I? has now reached over 2 million subscribers. The channel is only weeks old. “I’m overwhelmed by this!” he says with a smile in a recent video.

His calm explanations, usually accompanied by simple diagrams Kenney made himself, make each video worth a bookmark for those times you might be looking for a helping hand.

Kenney says he wants to branch out from household how-tos to the moral support and encouragement many people need but might be unable to find from their own parents. He plans to share DIYs every Thursday and explain how to use a tool every week on “Tool Tuesday,” so be sure to subscribe if you’ve always wanted to learn some of adult life’s necessary skills.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a sink we can finally unclog. Ahem.

Header Image: Dad, How Do I?/Rob Kenney

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