Cytosis Allows Players To Fight a Pandemic At the Cellular Level

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For over three years, Genius Games has found inventive ways to use science as the basis for its entertaining tabletop games. The company’s latest title, Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game, is keeping that tradition alive by placing the action inside of a cell as the human body struggles to repel a deadly invader. Cytosis recently hit Kickstarter, and the project has already far surpassed its original fundraising goals.

As envisioned by creator John Coveyou, Cytosis will challenge 2 to 5 players as they compete to build hormones, receptors, and enzymes while using the cellular resources to fend off a viral attack. Coveyou spent over two years developing the game, and he modeled the game and the board after the behavior of actual cells in the body.

Cytosis will also include the Virus Expansion, an additional game play mode that will challenge players to “build up their antibodies for each viral strain to help them defend against the attacking viruses.” The description states that “this expansion adds a whole new element of game play and an interesting push-your-luck experience involving all players!” The reward tier is also straightforward. For $39, players can pick up a copy of the game with all stretch goals and Kickstarter exclusive content. But for $49, players can get the collector’s edition that includes everything the core game has in addition to “custom wooden shaped and silk screened mRNA, Protein, Lipid, & Carbohydrate resource tokens, an Individually Numbered copy of the game with an upgraded Metallic Ink embossed box.” Both tiers include print-and-play copies of the game as well, and the estimated shipping date is August of this year.

The Cytosis Kickstarter campaign will run until Thursday, April 13. For more information about the campaign, you can visit the official page here.

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Image Credit: Genius Games

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