CYBERPUNK Tabletop RPG Update in the Same Universe as 2077

There doesn’t seem to be a better time to be a fan of cyberpunk. Not because we’re actually living in a technology-fueled dystopia as we approach the year 2020 (at least, we’re pretty sure we’re not), but because two new titles written in that universe are currently in development. We’ve told you about Cyberpunk 2077, coming soon to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but tabletop fans will be happy to hear that an update to the original role-playing game system is now in the works as well.

Cyberpunk Red is a new edition of the Cyberpunk RPG. R. Talsorian Games is working on a starter kit box, called the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit, that comes complete with essential rules, world lore, pregenerated characters, an adventure, Screamsheets, dice, and more. The kit is planned for both physical and digital releases at this year’s Gen Con (August 1, 2019) at the company’s booth and online at DriveThruRPG.

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The updated RPG takes place in the same universe as the upcoming video game. “R. Talsorian Games and CD Projekt Red have worked together on a common timeline for the original Cyberpunk (Cyberpunk 2013) to Cyberpunk 2020 to Cyberpunk Red to Cyberpunk 2077,” the company wrote in a recent FAQ. “Red will show the Cyberpunk world in a period of rebuilding following the 4th Corporate War. It will help show how society moved from that world shattering event to what’s presented in the video game.”

Longtime fans of the tabletop RPG will also be pleased to hear that the game’s original designer, Mike Pondsmith,  is both the lead developer and primary writer on Cyberpunk Red.

Follow R. Talsorian Games on social media for all the latest details and a unique countdown to the release of Cyberpunk Red this summer.

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