Put a Custom Funko Pop! Figure in a Dunkin Donuts’ DunKings Tracksuit

The 2024 Super Bowl featured plenty of great commercials, but there’s no question which one stands above the rest. At least there isn’t to me because I’m from Massachusetts. Nothing—nothing—can compete with native sons Ben Affleck and Matt Damon celebrating our region’s greatest institution by rocking out in orange tracksuits as part of the DunKings. Their musical performance was truly a glorious moment for Boston. Now Dunkin Donuts is partnering with Funko to let everyone everywhere get in on the stylish fun. For a limited-time, you can order a custom Pop! figure of yourself dressed like a member of the DunKings.

A DunKings Funko Pop in the box with large ice coffee and donut box accessory
Funko/Dunkin Donuts

Starting today until March 1, fans of Dunkin Donuts, Ben Affleck, wicked cool accents, music, and fashion can get a very special collectible. When you order a Pop! Yourself figure ($30) you can adorn yours with those wonderful DunKings’ tracksuits. You can also put some custom coffee accessories in your mini replica’s hands. The collection includes both a Dunkin iced coffee and a Dunkin box of donuts.

For those of you not from New England, an iced coffee is a mandatory accessory. It’s possibly even a legal requirement. We drink iced coffee 365 days a year. This is not an exaggeration.

A line of different DunKings Funko Pop figures
Funko/Dunkin Donuts

The collaboration marks Funko’s first-ever partnership for its Pop! Yourself line. If these figures are even a fraction as popular as the replica DunKings tracksuits that sold out with minutes of going on sale, it won’t be Funko’s last crossover. People, rightfully, love the DunKings. If they don’t they’re probably the lowest of the low (a.k.a. Yankees fans).

As a bonus this DunKings collaboration also gives us a perfect excuse to share the full ad, which should get Affleck both a special Oscar and Emmy next year. And also the year after.

Kid, these are my people. Long live the DunKings, both the real versions and their wicked awesome Funko countahpahts.

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