CUPHEAD DLC Introduces a New Female Hero

Everybody seems to love Cuphead, even when they’re sometimes throwing down their controllers in frustration. The stunning hand-drawn art evokes the charm of classic Fleischer cartoons, and it’s just so cute and retro that it’s hard to mad at the game even when it’s kicking your ass. But now it’s been out long enough that you’ve had time to get good and beat your way through the bosses to defeat the devil. So it’s time for a new set of levels–but you’re getting some help this time around.

Meet Ms. Chalice! Gone are the days when a new female protagonist was just the male with added lipstick and a hair bow; she looks like literal gold, and will certainly help expand the reach of the game and its veritable merchandising empire. There’s no reason cups can’t be any gender.

Now the question is what sort of challenges await. Which classic cartoon archetypes have the Cups yet to face? A spinach-chugging sailor man? A demonic Jack Frost? All we know from the trailer rating is that alcohol and tobacco are involved, so perhaps an evil mug or stein is the perfect foil for mere cups.

Well, and the other question is when in 2019 is it coming? Our metaphorical kettles are boiling over with anticipation. Are you more excited to play Cuphead now that you can have a shiny female avatar? Comment below and let us know.

Image: Studio MDHR

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