Are you ready for a NSFW medieval comedy? Great. And did we mention it’s stop motion animation? If you’re a fan of Robot Chicken, Crossing Swords is surely going to be right up your alley. While Hulu announced the show back in 2018, they just released the first official teaser for the animated comedy. Premiering on Hulu on June 12, people have had this anticipated show on their watch list since that 2018 announcement. Robot Chicken producers? Medieval jokes? It’s a match made in heaven. And the first teaser delivers.

Crossing Swords follows the story of Patrick, voiced by Nicholas Hoult.Patrick is a good hearted peasant who lands a coveted squire position at the royal castle however his dream job quickly turns into a nightmare when he learns his beloved kingdom is run by a hornet’s nest of horny monarchs, crooks and charlatans. Even worse, Patrick’s valor made him the black sheep in his family, and now his criminal siblings have returned to make his life hell. War, murder, full frontal nudity—who knew brightly colored peg people led such exciting lives?”

Slaying the dragon in Crossing Swords


Crossing Swords has a huge cast, too, including Nicholas Hoult, Adam Ray, Tara Strong, Tony Hale, Luke Evans, Seth Green, Alanna Ubach, Adam Pally, Yvette-Nicole Brown, Maya Erskine, Breckin Meyer and Wendi McClendon-Covey.

Co-creators and writers John Harvatine IV and Tom Root, who both wrote and produced for the Robot Chicken and SuperMansion series, bring Crossing Swords to life. They’re telling what appears to be a wildly funny story that takes place during the Dark Ages. You can spot knights, witches, sex dungeons (a.k.a. the fun dungeon), kegs, and strip combat in the trailer. Judging from this, it’s only the beginning of the hilarity.

All episodes will be available June 12 on Hulu.

Featured Image: Hulu

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