Hand-Crocheted PREDATOR Costume Proves This Six Year-Old Has the Coolest Mom

With only one month to go until Halloween, cool parents everywhere have begun making their kid’s costumes for this year, instead of just buying them off the rack. While there will no doubt be a plethora of little kids wandering the streets as Black Panther or Wonder Woman or one of the Incredibles, one kid out there already has them all beaten for best costume of 2018.

A woman out of Cleveland, Ohio, who runs a Twitter account going  by the name Crochetverse, showed off her six year-old son’s costume for this year, which of course she crocheted herself, and it’s none other than everyone’s favorite alien big-game hunter, the Predator. Not only is this mom the coolest for making this for her kid, but she mentions in her Tweet that her son became obsessed with Predator after his dad recently showed him the movie. Are these the most badass parents ever??

This isn’t the first pop culture inspired costume she’s made, either. If you check out her blog, you can see an amazing E.T. costume she crocheted, as well as Papa Smurf, Harry Potter, and a Harley Quinn crochet hat for the adults. Maybe the coolest one she made for her little one is a version of the original Tim Curry Pennywise the Clown from It. Let’s be honest: is there anything cuter than little kids in horror themed costumes?

For more examples of cool pop-culture based crochet work, be sure to head on over to the Crochetverse website.

Is this one of the most adorable costumes you’ve ever seen, or what? Be sure to share your thoughts with us down below in the comments.

Images: Twentieth Century Fox

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