Critical Role: Vax’s Soundtrack – Music To Stab By

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What better way to get in the mood for adventure than with a dynamic soundtrack? Today, Critical Role’s Liam O’Brien shares some of his musical selections for getting into Vax’ildan’s mindset. While you listen to these sweet tunes, check out our full interview with Liam or catch up with the latest episode of Critical Role on Geek & Sundry.


“Exit Music” – Radiohead
I thought it would be fun to use the first handful of songs on this list to shed some light on the twins’ backstory for the fans. Vex and Vax don’t talk about their past much, but it is a painful one. The twins are a couple of bastards born to a human seamstress and an elven diplomat during a brief fling. Year later, when their father caught wind of their existence, he had them brought to Syngorn for schooling and training. They were tolerated by the elves, but never welcomed. Their father was extremely cold. After several years of loneliness there, they turned their backs on him and fled. Which is where this first song comes in…

“Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten” – Arvo Pärt
A song for Elaina. After wandering on their own for a bit, the siblings decided to make the long journey back to their mother and the town they knew as small children. After months of traveling on foot, they arrived home only to find the house they remembered in ruins, charred and overgrown with vegetation. Villagers told them of the dragon that attacked a few years back. The twins stumbled through the wreckage, realizing their mother was gone forever. That painful homecoming brings to mind a classical piece I’ve always loved…

“Palomine” – Bettie Seveert
With no family and nowhere to go, the twins scraped by on their own, little better than beggars, with no direction or purpose. All Vax really believed in or trusted at that point was his sister… His best and only friend.

“All Alone” – Gorillaz
In time, the half elves began to find their way together, honing their skills, and forging their identities. With absolutely no one else to rely on, their bond grew even stronger as they learned to fight and survive. Basically, they began evolving into the badasses we know today…

“Been Caught Stealing” – Jane’s Addiction
As they did so, it became clear that Vex was becoming an expert hunter. Vax was meant for breaking and entering.

“Girls and Boys” – Blur
I’ll leave this one up to the fans’ imagination.

“I Bleed” – The Pixies
The trouble with Tal’dorei… is all the damn vampires.

“The Blower’s Daughter” – Damian Rice

“This is Why We Fight” – The Decemberists
As our story has gone on, Vax has found more direction in life. I think he wants to leave the world better than how he found it. And he definitely has come to think of Vox Machina as family. He would lay down his life for any one of them in a heartbeat.

“Glory and Gore” – Lorde
This last song is a little for Vox Machina, a little bit for the audience. The Critical Role community is amazing, and extremely passionate about our game. We see a weekly tsunami of feedback on all the choices we make, both good and bad. But I honestly believe that if we just tried to safely work the D&D system and be min-maxers, this show wouldn’t be half as interesting. Wander into the Briarwoods guest room? Amazing episode. Shoot a bullet through a young carriage driver’s hand? Riveting consequences. People aren’t tuning in for the “perfect game.” They’re coming for the Glory and Gore…

Feature image credit: Joana Carvalho

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