Critical Role Panel: How to Score A Massive Hit

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Not everyone gets to go to Comic-Con or watch some of the great talks there like the Critical Role panel on our Conival stage this year. We understand, and we’re here to help. Grab your dice. We saved you a front row seat to one of the biggest panels to hit our venue this year at Comic-Con. Matthew Mercer hosts all of your favorite players as they talk about what it takes to make the show and how it all comes together.

It takes way more than dice and a little imagination to make something as epic as Critical Role work. You need to the right people and one of the best dungeon masters around. Find out about not only about how the group formed but how they each found their way into tabletop gaming.

Fan art, stories from the front lines of gaming, and what makes them love the game so much; the team over at Critical Role answers all of your questions and more. Where do those names come from and how do you spell them? What was one of the toughest monsters that they ever have to face and defeat? What was their favorite moment from this season? And what does it take to make for an amazing dungeon master?

Our adventure has only just begun. What is your favorite moment of Critical Role so far? Let us know in the comment section below.

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