Critical Role: Keyleth’s Soundtrack – The Sounds of Nature

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Much like the characters we play, as I built this list, it began to take on a life of it’s own. It’s actually quite incredible how quickly I developed this newfound connection with each of these songs. I’m not sure why I’m surprised. This is just another facet of how this game has changed my life forever. I hope you enjoy this little peek into Keyleth’s soul as much as I enjoyed curating it! (Oh, and it has a loose chronological flow, just FYI.) – Marisha Ray

Marisha Ray – Keyleth’s Soundtrack

1. Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men
When we found out we were doing playlists, this was one of the first songs I thought of. To me, it always sounded like an Asharian legend, or maybe even a bardic tale about Keyleth, herself. I mean, the title of the song is “Dirty Paws.”

2. Sugar Magnolia – The Grateful Dead
My dad told me that Keyleth reminded him of this one. In my head, it feels more like Keyleth’s childhood image of her mother. Naturally, it had to go on the list. Plus, you can’t go wrong with The Grateful Dead. Thank you, Daddy! For this, and for being a great influence on my taste in music.

3. I Crush Everything – Jonathan Coulton
My favorite JoCo song. It’s all from the perspective of a misunderstood colossal squid. Keyleth can relate and sympathize, deeply. (No pun intended)

4. Kids – MGMT
There is an element of Keyleth’s abilities that downright scare her. After the incident with the child, she learned the hard way that power also comes with onus and responsibility. It’s still something she is constantly dealing with, in herself, and in Vox Machina.

5. Strawberry Fields Forever – Ania
This is my kicking ass song. Think of Keyleth casting down lighting bolts, eyes glowing white with nature’s rage, ripping a goblin in half with a grasping vine, all in slow motion. You cross her, she will absolutely send you to the Strawberry Fields.

6. Bein’ Green – Andrew Bird
Well, it’s true. (Thank you, Taliesin, for this perfect suggestion.)

7. My First Kiss – 3OH!3
Here’s to you, Kashew. 😉

8. Flowers in Your Hair – The Lumineers
I’m just going to let this one breathe. No context. Side note, I do LOVE The Lumineers. They started out as street buskers, and let’s just say, I grok that.

9. Ludicrous Heart – Asylum Street Spankers
This one goes out to Kiki’s moral conscious, and to everyone who has ever said, “Gah, Keyleth, just stop talking, please!” in chat. (That’s right. I see you.)

10. Birds and the Bees – The Bird and The Bee
It’s been tough. Vox Machina has seen some shit. Keyleth is slowly shedding the naive shell that’s protected her from the evil in the world. As she matures, it’s going to be hard to ignore depressing realities, and even harder ignoring her destiny.

11. Hanging Tree – The Hanging Tree
BONUS SONG: This is for all the #Critters and #Teamhooman-ers who requested this song make it on one of our lists! REVOLUTION.

Image Source: Wendy Doodles
Feature Image Source: Ameera (@Mikandii)

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