Critical Role: Grog’s Soundtrack – In the Key of RAGE

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Enough of this sappy sh*t – life is pain, blah, blah, blah. It’s time to get krunk up in this b****. Leave it to Scanlan and I to get some rap in our playlists. Time to get your motor runnin’.

Travis Willingham – Grog’s Soundtrack

I’m Shipping Up to Boston – Dropkick Murphys
What’s that? You spilled Grog’s ale? Looked at him the wrong way? Mocked his glorious beard? Well, I hope you brought beer money, ‘cuz it’s time to pay your bar tab. Muscles tighten, veins bulge, and eyes roll back. Ready. Fire. Aim, baby. You just found you some RAGE.

Thunderstruck – AC/DC
As Grog enters the Crucible, or any arena of battle for that matter, this Melody O’ Hype echoes off the walls. Plus it plays pre-game for the Dallas Cowboys, so you know it’s going in here. Maybe I’ll change Grog’s next Crucible name to “Thunder,” so then you can get yo ass THUNDER-struck.

Bodies – Drowning Pool
Rage. Smashing. Killing. Line ’em up, knock em down, put ’em in the dirt. This is definitely the mantra of Grog’s wandering herd of Goliaths. Grab a weapon and enjoy the buffet of death.

Let it Go – Frozen Soundtrack
Poor beautiful, conflicted, emo-Grog. Alone and cold on a dark mountain night, contemplating his place in his herd. This warrior poet is realizing he differs from those around him, and the time is swiftly arriving where he will have to… let it go.

Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins
Deciding to overthrow a Beholder? Fending off a White Dragon? Unseating some shitty vampire Lords? This jam rocks as our heroes montage-up whilst planning for the conquests.

Bulls on Parade – Rage Against the Machine
Rage is in the band name, so you knew it was going in. Plus where there are cows, you’re bound to cross a BULL. That and I think Percy comes to mind during: “rally round the family, with a pocket full of shells.” And I really like Dark Percy.

“C” is for Cookie – Cookie Monster
Pretty sure Cookie Monster is either Grog’s mentor or a close relative. And if “C” is for Cookie, “A” is for Ale.

Dirt Off Your Shoulder/ Lying From You – Jay Z & Linkin Park
Grog is constantly brushing himself off after his latest tussle, usually while removing an arrow or twelve, and that makes him see red. Perfectly represents the different levels of rage. I’d wager Grog does some heavy lifting to this banger.

The Final Countdown – Europe
Will the Briarwoods be overthrown? Will Percy be overtaken by the Smoke-Monster-God-thing? Will Keyleth fall for Vax’s sappy schtick? Only one thing is for sure: Grog’s beard is sexy as hell.

All for Me Grog – The Dubliners
Grab a tankard and pour the ale. Time to get twisted and sing a song for Grog. Hopefully you wake up next to a face you recognize–or don’t.

BONUS SONG: Bad Blood – Taylor Swift
Instantly added as a favorite inspiration song from Scanlan. Grog and his enemies have beef. And remember, this song is Grog’s jam.
(Note: Unfortunately, this song is not currently available on Spotify)

Featured Image Credit: Joré Escalera

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