Critical Role Cast: Where You’ve Heard Them Before

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It’s no secret that Vox Machina are full of talented voice actors, but when you rarely see their faces, it’s often hard to place the voice. Wondering where you’ve heard them before? We’ve got you covered.


From Attack On Titan to that pile of video games you love to play, Matt’s talent has been described as “the second coming of Crispin Freeman.” It’s no surprise he’s got many  roles he’s proud of.


With voice roles from Fullmetal Alchemist to Final Fantasy, her awesome geek resume might look a lot like your movie/game shelf.


With his gruff voice and genteel manner, it shouldn’t be a surprise that he’s voiced Thor among his many other voice acting credits. That said, in doing some digging, there are some surprising tidbits have been uncovered as well.


Chances are, you haven’t just heard Marisha (playing video games like Star Wars Battlefront and Persona4), but you’ve also seen her too online on acclaimed series School of Thrones.


From voicing Blanka in Street Fighter IV to playing Edge in Final Fantasy IV, he’s come a long way since his child acting days, voicing many cool roles.


From Peter Parker to Starscream, it’s pretty obvious Sam’s range is remarkable (pun intended). Check out the other high notes of his career so far. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.)


Turns out some of your favorite antagonists have been voiced by Liam, including, but not limited to Naruto’s Garra, Red Skull and yes, even Gollum.

Who’s your favorite Critical Role cast member? Tell us who and why in the comments!

Image Credits: Pamela Joy Photography, Isaac Sterling

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