Critical Hit Cocktails: Smaug the Golden

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The third and final Hobbit movie is coming out soon on DVD. What better way to celebrate than with a pitcher of ale… or a cocktail inspired by the mighty Smaug? Smaug is by far the most famous dragon in Tolkien’s Middle Earth books and I wanted
to do create something to represent his fiery ferociousness and greed.

1.5 oz Goldschlager
.75 oz Gold Rum
.75 oz Blood Orange Bitters
Fill with Ginger Ale

1. Pour the first three ingredients into a 12 oz highball glass over ice.

2. Fill the glass with ginger ale and stir with a bar spoon or chop stick.

3. Hoard all the gold to yourself and enjoy!

Goldschlager seemed like the obvious choice here. With cinnamon flavor, a stronger proof than most normal liquors, and REAL gold flakes, what dragon wouldn’t choose this as their choice of beverage? To reinforce the “gold” theme and add a bit more punch, a bit of gold rum was used. It takes the sweetness down a notch and reminds you that you’re drinking a cocktail, not just a soda. Blood orange bitters are more of a flavored syrup. While not incredibly sweet, they add a nice citrus flavor that mixes well with the ginger ale. And speaking of ginger ale, the bite and aftertaste was influential in it’s inclusion. It plays very nicely with the cinnamon and rum flavors.

I hope you enjoy this cocktail while you’re watching The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies! Cheers.

Check out Craft Lab where Greg and Anna made our favorite gold hoarding dragon out of plastic utensils!

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