Critical Fails Spell Doom for Your Favorite Characters

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Sometimes, it seems like the dice are out to get us. I’ve been in D&D groups where certain dice have gotten benched for their crappy rolls, and there’s even been a hilarious wave of dice shaming stories cropping up.

And honestly, who hasn’t been there? Rolls of the dice have been very unkind to me over the years. From the time my character and our party’s other strongest character couldn’t haul down bed curtains to surprise a sleeping enemy (Just pathetic.) to the time my husband’s wizard accidentally set an entire forest on fire trying to blast baddies out of the trees (Thanks a lot, Miles). I even survived one epic night where the house rules were you take a shot for every 20 or 1 you rolled. I was having a feast or famine sort of rolling streak and wracked up something like six of them; but I’m not sure of the exact number because I was trying not to die of alcohol poisoning.

It should come as no surprise that some folks had to take it a step further and ask the question of what would it be like if some of the most gut-wrenching events on film had come from the character fumbling their roll miserably. I’m here to share the painful results.

Dude, no! Just no. Come on.

Or how’s about this moment that we’d all love to forget actually happened.

Maybe Joss Wheden isn’t trying to murder our souls one character at a time and is just a really bad player. Somebody buy the poor man some new dice.

Check out the gallery below for some more misery for you to enjoy.

What are some of your favorite love-to-hate moments? What about those personal injuries to pride and sanity that you’ve encountered during a game? Leave a comment and share the pain.

Featured Image Credit: Scott Ogle
Critical Failure Images: DND Memes

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