CREED III Trailer Pits Adonis Creed Against His Childhood Friend

Adonis Creed’s story has always been about reconciling his past while building his own legacy. In previous films, he grappled with the absence of his father Apollo Creed and how that affected him. And, he’s now a certified champ who is proud to be a Creed while never forgetting his roots as a Johnson. The next installment in the Creed franchise, landing in March 2023, will bring Michael B. Jordan back as Adonis Creed, who will once again face a part of his past via a childhood friend, played by Jonathan Majors. The intense trailer for Creed III just gave fans their first taste of what nerds will fanvision as Killmonger vs. Kang. 

He’s spent the last seven years of his life making his dreams come true. Life is good on all fronts at this point. He’s a boxing legend and his family is thriving. One day, an old friend from his past, Damian, shows up outside of the gym. Back when Adonis was into some illegal activities as a kid, he got into trouble alongside Damian. While Adonis’ life made a turn for the better, Damian spent 18 years in prison. Adonis extends love and a welcoming, helping hand to Damian, who was once a boxing prodigy and still very much in shape. (Seriously, Jonathan Majors is nothing but muscle.) Donnie does this partially because he wants to help a former friend and also out of guilt that he thrived while Damian didn’t. 

Well, things go awry when Damian proves himself to not be such a great person. He’s fighting dirty in the ring and feels like he should have the life that Donnie has now. And, in the Rocky/Creed universe, the only way to solve problems is to bust each other’s ass in the boxing ring. I love to see it. It will be an interesting journey to see Adonis release his guilt and fears while discovering something new about himself.

michael b jordan as adonis creed stands across from jonathan majors as damian in the boxing ring in creed iii trailer
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The trailer for Creed III is quite interesting for several reasons. First, it is a bit jarring to not have Rocky in the film. There’s no indicator that Rocky Balboa died since the last movie. So it is not clear how they will explain his absence. And, bringing a friend from Creed’s childhood into the mix sparks intrigue. He always gave off a lone wolf type of vibe, which isn’t unusual for an orphaned kid who spent time in foster homes and juvenile detention centers. Just when we didn’t think we could learn new things about Adonis Creed’s past, Damian shows up to wreak havoc.

Creed III will hit theaters on March 3, 2023.

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