COWBOY BEBOP Is Funko POP!’s Latest Bounty

It’s starting to get to the point where if a beloved movie or TV show hasn’t been made into at least one Funko POP! vinyl figure, then it probably doesn’t have the cultural cache that we might hope. Fans of the 1998 anime crossover hit Cowboy Bebop (myself very much included, if my retrospective series “ Cowboy REbop” was any indication) can now rest easy knowing their fandom has been deemed worthy. Funko announced four Bebop Funko POP!s will be hitting stores in December, following a set of four Ash vs Evil Dead figures coming in November. Let’s jam! In December, fans of Cowboy Bebop can stuff their stockings with the four main human crew members of the Bebop. Everybody looks exactly as you’d expect, with Spike sporting a cigarette in one hand, Jet standing at attention, Faye with her hands defiantly on her hips, and Ed looking just as noodley as you’d hope. The one drag in this announcement is that Funko doesn’t appear to be including Ein the Pembroke Welsh Corgi data dog with Ed. Funko’s had smaller pet characters go along with larger figures in the past, and Ed is pretty much never without Ein once she joins the show. Alas. It seems pretty unlikely that they’d make a whole new set just for Ein, so we might be out of luck there.

No Ein aside, you pretty much couldn’t ask for a better Christmas present than four of the coolest bounty hunting misfits this side of Mars. You can see a full gallery of the Bebop and Ashfigures in the comments below!

And in other Funko news: this November, fans of the Starz hit horror-comedy series Ash vs Evil Dead will get to add the four main characters to their shelf. There’s already been an Ash from Evil Dead 2/ Army of Darkness on Funko’s roster, but now you can get Bruce Campbell’s older, yet still dashing, visage, complete with graying sideburns, and his trademark chainsaw and boomstick. Also along for the ride are Pablo wielding a bottle and Kelly brandishing an ax. (Kelly sure is a badass, btw.) And finally, we get Ash’s not-to-be-trusted pursuer/reluctant ally Ruby, with a bloody dagger. All the figures are decidedly cleaner than they often are in the show.


Images: Funko

Kyle Anderson is the Associate Editor for Nerdist and a fan of all things anime. Follow him on Twitter!

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