COVEN: Get a First Look at the Queer Supernatural Graphic Novel

We love a good comic here at Nerdist, and if its a queer supernatural one, then even better. That’s exactly what artist Kit Seaton and writer Jennifer Dugan are delivering to us with Coven. The gorgeously illustrated tale mashes together murder mystery and witchcraft. It’s also a tale of a girl finding and saving her family. We’re excited to exclusively share six pages of Coven right here. You can learn more about the story in the official description below.

the cover of Coven shows a white woman with long brown hair standing in front of the word Coven with flames in her hands
G.P. Putnam’s Sons
In this queer, paranormal YA graphic novel debut from the author of Some Girls Do and the illustrator of Wonder Woman: Warbringer, a young witch races to solve the grisly supernatural murders of her coven members before the killer strikes again. Emsy has always lived in sunny California, and she’d much rather spend her days surfing with her friends or hanging out with her girlfriend than honing her powers as a fire elemental. But when members of her family’s coven back east are murdered under mysterious circumstances that can only be the result of powerful witchcraft, her family must suddenly return to dreary upstate New York. There, Emsy will have to master her neglected craft in order to find the killer…before her family becomes their next target.

Author Duggan sets the scene for our exclusive pages here: “Emsy has just been dragged across the country, and away from the only life and love she’s ever known, for the sake of a coven that she feels no connection to. To make matters worse, her parents immediately enrolled her at the local highschool to keep up appearances. This scene takes place at the end of Emsy’s frustrating first day of classes, when she discovers a classmate named Ash is waiting to drive her home. At first, she thinks he might be hitting on her—despite already telling him she has a girlfriend—but she quickly realizes there’s much more to this boy than first meets the eye…” 

You can check out our exclusive preview below!

Sounds like a perfect spooky season book to us. Though it’s the heat of summer right now, it’s not that long until the leaves are falling and the pumpkins are glowing!

We can’t wait to see more of Emsy’s adventures when Coven hits shelves on September 6.

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