This Cosplay Convinces Us DRAGON BALL’s Master Roshi is Real

When you’re a bodybuilder on the level of Taichi Shimizu, some costume opportunities are just meant for you. The muscles means Shimizu can bring fictional characters with seemingly improbable physiques to life — characters like Max Power Master Roshi from Dragon Ball. Kotaku pointed out the jaw-dropping costume, and we’re in awe.

It looks like Roshi walked off the screen and into a convention!

Shimizu, a regular cosplayer who’s previously transformed into Zangief from Street Fighter and Dragon Ball‘s Nappa, debuted his fierce Roshi at the August edition of the Japanese convention Comiket, which, by the way, attracts over half a million attendees. And you thought San Diego Comic-Con was nuts.

He braved the heat and posed for picture after picture with other cosplayers (including the more commonly seen version of Roshi) and was poised for attack.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, this obviously counts as a costume. Shimizu isn’t only showing up with his muscles. He donned Roshi’s iconic white beard and is wearing blue pants to match those worn by Max Power Roshi. Shimizu even went the extra mile and shaved his eyebrows to make room for Roshi’s.

Yeah, that’s dedication. But for someone who has worked hard to sculpt his body into this form and put the time in to place high in bodybuilding championships, dedication isn’t unknown territory. Follow Shimizu on Twitter and Instagram to see more of his cosplay and his bodybuilding.

Featured Image: @adventure_tm

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