Conan O’Brien Shows Us His Take on DIY Hand Sanitizer

Now that hand sanitizer is in short supply in many places, we’ve seen helpful people come up with several legitimate ways of making the germ-killing concoction at home. But you know what we haven’t seen? A ridiculous way to make DIY hand sanitizer that doesn’t work at all, and also gets you a little tipsy. Until now, that is, thanks to funnyman Conan O’Brien.

Conan just released his DIY hand sanitizer tutorial on the Team Coco YouTube channel, and posted it to twitter with the caption, “Let me show you how to make hand sanitizer at home! Warning: It will not work.” So take it from the talkshow host himself: This homemade hand sanitizer will not work to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Although it’s hard to believe this combination of ingredients isn’t able to kill literally everything it touches.

Conan O'Brien Shows Us His Take on DIY Hand Sanitizer_1

Team Coco

Speaking of which, Conan’s proprietary blend is made up of vodka, mouthwash, garlic, and hand lotion, which are all products that one could probably find in countless American homes. Even the “Schloocher” from a bottle of Windex is probably an easy component to find for most people.

As for how Conan’s holding up in general with the ever-lengthening pandemic-fighting quarantine, it seems like things are not going well. Conan says he now regrets his $20 million investment in “lickable wallpaper,” can only go about 38 seconds without touching his face, and also is encountering trouble when trying to take selfies with fans. The trouble being that they don’t want selfies with him.

What do you think about Conan O’Brien’s technique for making DIY hand sanitizer? Are his antics helping you to stay sane during this time of extraordinary volatility, or is he just inspiring more panic ’cause he’s made you realize you’re running low on Tito’s? Mix up a batch of your thoughts in the comments!

Header Image: Team Coco 

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