Conan O’Brien Does Not Care for VR Game WILSON’S HEART

If there’s one thing Conan O’Brien wants to see in a video game, as his “Clueless Gamer” segments have proven time and time again, it’s sex. In the intro of his latest segment, he asserts, “All VR is going to take us one place: Virtual reality sex. That’s the point of VR.” Without linking to anything in case we have youngsters (or our parents) reading this, we’ll just say that he has a point, and he’d actually find plenty of virtual reality sex if he knew where to look.

But that’s not why we’re here today: O’Brien played a VR video game and it was good, clean, wholesome fun! On Thursday night’s Conan, he strapped into an Oculus Rift and tried Wilson’s Heart, and as O’Brien is wont to do, he spent the whole time making hilarious observations and not getting all that far into the game.

His most astute note: Upon realizing that the game is in black and white and you control a 63-year-old man in a hospital, he says, “Wait a minute: I thought the whole point of virtual reality was to enhance reality, and you’re saying I’ve entered a world where I’m color blind and I’m an old man? Wow, that’s fantastic!”

It’s always hard to tell if a game is actually good by watching O’Brien play it, but he at least managed to prove that Wilson’s Heart is a pretty fun clipboard dropping simulator. Have you gotten a chance to try a VR game yet? If do, did you have more fun than O’Brien did? Give us a shout in the comments and let us know!

Featured image: Team Coco/YouTube

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