That COMMUNITY Movie May Finally Happen

It looks like Community fans may be getting their “six seasons and a movie” Abed prophecy after all (via BuzzFeed). Ever since the popular NBC (and Yahoo! Screen, we guess) show ended in 2015, fans have been hoping that a movie could bring the cast back together. They all have some unfinished business at Greendale Community College. We are getting a Community cast reunion via a table read next week, but it’s not the same as a film. Fortunately, series creator Dan Harmon says that much-anticipated movie may finally be in the works.

Speaking to The Wrap recently,Harmon said, “conversations are happening that people would want to be happening” about a possible Community movie. He added that he’s “very, very excited about the coming months.” While this doesn’t exactly give us specifics, it’s still exciting nonetheless. It’s certainly the most encouraging thing we’ve heard about the film in a while.

Community study group


The idea of a Community reunion movie floats around every so often. Series star Joel McHale appeared on Conan back in 2015 and said there could be a “big chance for a movie if creator Dan Harmon was willing to write the script.” Then just last month McHale told Variety that, “…for a long time I was like, ‘never gonna happen.’ And now I think with the renewed interest, and I know the cast is interested, that it could happen.” This newfound optimism comes on the heels of Community and its Netflix streaming deal that has garnered love from fans old and new alike.

Let’s hope the original crew are just as excited about this possible movie news as we are. It certainly looks promising. And since Netflix started streaming the cult favorite last month, the hashtag #SixSeasonsandaMovie has gained momentum once again. Here’s hoping Abed’s foreshadowing comes true.

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