Has Comcast Killed the Disney and Fox Deal?

The deal between Disney and Fox seemed destined to happen…until recently. But Comcast has finally come in with its $65 million cash bid for 20th Century Fox, which is at least ten million higher than the House of Mouse was offering. Today’s Nerdist News Talks Back wonders if we’re about to see a high stakes bidding war between two of the biggest media companies in the world. And if Disney loses, then will the dream of a truly unified Marvel Cinematic Universe die as well?

Amy Vorpahl guest hosts today’s show and welcomes her guests: director Andrew Bowser and Nerdist News writers Aliza Pearl and Joey Clift. After discussing the soulless world of corporate entities, their next topic was the fate of the zombies on The Walking Dead. With the immanent departure of Lauren Cohan and the possible exit of Andrew Lincoln, the show may be nearing its end. Can The Walking Dead overcome the loss of these cast members?

Next, a report from Screen Rant says Jon Favreau’s live-action Star Wars TV series may begin shooting this fall or this winter. We still don’t know too much about the project beyond what Favreau told us at the Solo world premiere. Our panel has a few ideas they’d like to see onscreen, including a Mos Eisley as Cheers pitch that we’re totally into.

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Images: Marvel/20th Century Fox

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