This Combat Ready Batsuit Is So Realistic You’ll Want To Call Your Parents To See If They’re OK

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21 year-old industrial design student Jackson Gordon, no relation to Commissioner James Gordon, has created a functional set of Batman armor. This isn’t just some cosplay craft foam. Gordon uses impact absorbing foam, Kevlar, and 1/4″ Kydex plating. This allows the suit to take hits from punches, kicks, blunt objects and even knives. The entire setup cost about $2000 to make and weighs approximately 25 pounds. It’s not bulletproof, but I say just give him a little time.

Check out this video of the Batsuit in action:

Gordon’s suits are designed to take the impact that comes with full combat without limiting mobility. If you’re going to fight like The Bat, you gotta be able to move like The Bat. He’s also constructed an armored helmet made with 20 gauge mesh wire over the eyes for maximum protection. How anyone is supposed to breathe in that thing is beyond me. But who needs to breathe when you look that badass?

Photo credit: Jackson Gordon

If you’re looking for your own custom armor, or just want to learn more about his projects and process, hit up his website Armatus Designs. But if you just want to ogle for a bit, check out the gallery below for some of the cool projects he’s done.

What functional armor would you want custom made? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image credit: Lamby Lenses/Jackson Gordon

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