The COLONY Set Was Invaded by a Racing Swarm of Micro-Drones

Colony, the USA sci-fi show dashed with a heavy streak of dark social commentary, seems inclined to make its characters experience one feeling more than any other: terror. Whether it’s Katie hiding underneath a tank, or Will getting searched by the RedHats, the people in the world of the alien-occupied Los Angeles are constantly dodging danger and death. But the micro-drones that recently invaded the real set of the show weren’t there to keep tabs on the cast and crew, or just float there weirdly for who knows what purpose. They were there to race.

In the clip above, Colony co-creator and showrunner Ryan Condal hosts a team of racers from DR1, who demonstrate how far the realm of tiny flying tech has come. And even though the micro-drones may not scare you like one of the giant HAL-eyed metal balls of pain from the show, they can still apparently cause quite a ruckus.

Condal, who notes that the drones in the show are about the size of “half a Volkswagen,” is treated to a bit of first-person POV drone driving before handing off his controller to the team so they can race. Condal also takes time to highlight the fact that “the show is largely about living under drone rule,” and that the people in the show “don’t really know what they can see or what their directive is.” He says that Colony is not only supposed to be a “really cool science fiction action-adventure,” but also something that is “thematically relevant to what is going on today [by] putting the citizens of Los Angeles in the shoes of people that are living in places that we’ve gone in and invaded or colonized…”

As for Ummagawd (the racing name for the speaker for the DR1 team) and his crew, they seem less concerned with the alien and/or colonizing aspects of drones, and more with just the awesome racing. Which is a much better use of the tech (at least in the real world) anyway, right?

Colony airs Thursdays at 10/9c on USA 

What do you think about these tiny drones? Do you agree with Condal’s sentiment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: USA Network

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