These Clay Macarons Have Creepy, Realistic Baby Faces

There’s something strange going on in the food world right now (or rather, in the fake food world). Not long ago, we posted about the creepiest pot pies you’ve ever seen. They weren’t edible, but they looked just like real pies, with the one significant difference being that instead of a crispy, innocuous top crust, there were unsettling human faces. And now, as LaughingSquid notes, there’s another artist who has been making work that’s in a similarly creepy vein, the most relevant example being the (polymer clay) macarons that have pretty human-like baby faces on them.

one more week to the opening let’s go~ 💕✨

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Lim Qi Xuan, a.k.a. Quimmy Shimmy, first posted photos of her macarons last year, and they’re so strange. The color she used looks natural as both a desert and a skin tone, which allows the unsettlingly realistic faces to blend in seamlessly. If you haven’t already creeped yourself out into oblivion by looking at these, though, Lim’s Instagram is full of similarly weird things like this, including an ice cream cone made of baby heads and limbs, canned brains, and other things I’d advise not looking at too close to bedtime, assuming your goal is to get a good night of sleep.

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A post shared by QIXUAN LIM (@qimmyshimmy) on

Are you going to stay away from eating real macarons for a while now? What other foods can you think of that adding human features to would be super weird? Let us know what you think down in the comments!

Featured image: Flickr/ John ‘K’

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