City of Mist: The Superhero Noir RPG You NEED in Your Collection.

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the City of Mist, the pitch-perfect blend of superhero and noir tabletop RPG that just closed an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign.

In City of Mist, the players take on the roles of GATEWAYS, human beings imbued with amazing powers defined by their MYTHOS, which allows them to do incredibly amazing things. The game world presents a conceit that there is a sort of preternatural fog (or mist, if you will) that clouds the minds of the mundane, rendering them blind to the fantastic goings on around them. But note every Gateway is a hero, and it’s up to you and your band of adventurers to help solve CASES to keep the city safe…at least for a time.

The system is powered by a modified version of Apocalypse World, and as such is steeped less in rigorous dice mechanics and more in the storytelling efforts of the game players and master. The character creation process is fluid, and a variety of tags provides a wide variety of possible abilities and effects, making it very easy to customize your character exactly as you see fit. While a lot of the familiar super heroic archetypes are here, with a few tweaks you can create something wholly original with minimal effort. In addition, damage not only has physical repercussions for your Gateway, but it also opens up an ever-widening field of story effects.

The combination of noir and superpowered role-playing is a perfect combination, and City of Mist evokes such notable sources in other media as Ed Brubaker’s  Incognito and Fatale, Alan Moore’s Top 10, the Wild Cards series of novels (edited by GRRM himself), and Netflix’s take on the street level Marvel heroes ( they even statted out Matt Murdock!). The mechanics are simple yet INCREDIBLY robust, making it easy to not only jump in but for groups to craft their games to be exactly what they need to be. It also doesn’t hurt that this is, without a doubt, one of the slickest packages we’ve seen on KS for some time, with the craft and love for the game apparent in everything from the sample material to every single unlocked goal. And believe me, there are a LOT of unlocked goals with this campaign. Designer Amit Moshe is clearly a fan, and this is his love letter to his fellow fans worldwide. Missed the Kickstarter? Pre-orders will be available SOON.

Now pull down your fedora, watch your back, and get ready to take the fight to the streets of the City of Mist.

Wanna get in on the action early? You should absolutely, without fail, download the starter set (including basic rules seven playbooks, and some incredible bonus material) for FREE at the City of Mist website!

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