The Music Of CHRONO TRIGGER And CHRONO CROSS Gets Reimagined

The Super Nintendo had a lot of games with iconic music, and among the highlights is Chrono Trigger, one of the finest RPGs available on the platform. The game’s PlayStation sequel, Chrono Cross, also wasn’t too shabby in the music department, and it too was one of the best-received games on its console. The music was a big part of that, and now Materia Collective and GameLark are honoring the Chrono soundtracks (composed by Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu) with a new album that was just released today, At The End Of Time: A Tribute To Chrono Cross & Chrono Trigger.

While there have been plenty of re-orchestrations of video game music, this record is different in that it’s more of a compilation of work from different artists, meaning there are a ton of different genres at play here. For instance, Toxodentrail’s “Corridors of Time” keeps it orchestral, while Player2’s “Guardia Millenial Fair” is more electronic and Xnarky’s “Secret of the Forest” is a gentle jazz breeze.

Album producer Allen Brasch says of the record: “Our goal with At The End Of Time was simple: We wanted to offer listeners a unique, memorable journey whether they’ve experienced these games or not. The album art also hints that no matter who you are, you are going to be pulled into this adventure, and you might not be the same when it ends.”

Download At The End Of Time: A Tribute To Chrono Cross & Chrono Trigger, on Bandcamp, or stream it on Spotify and Apple Music. Check out the tracklist below, and let us know in the comments what your favorite track is!

1. Toxodentrail – “Corridors of Time” (from Chrono Trigger)
2. Qumu – “Wind Scene” (from Chrono Trigger)
3. Player2 – “Guardia Millenial Fair” (from Chrono Trigger)
4. Medllix – “Home Termina” (from Chrono Cross)
5. Kain White – “Garden of the Gods” (from Chrono Cross)
6. MyNewSoundtrack – “Bike Chase” (from Chrono Trigger)
7. Bassoonify – “Frog’s Theme” (from Chrono Trigger)
8. Daniel Romberger – “The Future Is Primitive” (from Chrono Trigger)
9. BlackearacheXD – “Kingdom Trial” (from Chrono Trigger)
10. Xnarky – “Secret of the Forest” (from Chrono Trigger)
11. 130 Grit Sound Studio – “Main Theme” (from Chrono Trigger)
12. RebeccaETripp – “Hydra Shadow” (from Chrono Cross)
13. ShaKe Elite – “The Day The World Revived” (from Chrono Trigger)
14. Matthew S. Harrison – “Battle for All Eternity” (from Chrono Trigger)
15. Ro Panuganti – “Undersea Palace” (from Chrono Trigger)
16. Hashel – “A Flower Blooming in the Garden of Time” (from Chrono Trigger)
17. Christian Richardson – “The Girl Who Stole the Stars” (from Chrono Cross)

Images: Square Enix, Materia Collective

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