Watch the Entire DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY In Theaters on Batman Day

Who our new big-screen Batman will be in the upcoming DCU is still a big mystery. But for many of you out there, we know Christian Bale is your forever Bruce Wayne. And you’ll soon have a chance to see his starring turn as the Caped Crusader in movie theaters once more. Via Collider, we’ve learned that for this upcoming Batman Day on September 16, Christopher Nolan’s entire Dark Knight Trilogy will screen at Showcase Cinemas. What better way to celebrate Batman on his big day than by seeing Nolan’s whole saga in one sitting?

Of course, you might not have access to a Showcase Cinema near you. Or maybe you just don’t want to sit in a movie theater for seven hours. Other theater chains are showing The Dark Knight only that weekend. It makes sense that of the entire Christopher Nolan trilogy, if they only had to pick one film, it would be that one. The Dark Knight changed the game in how superhero movies were perceived by the general public. Not to mention, it resulted in a posthumous Oscar for Heath Ledger, for his iconic portrayal of the Joker. It raised the bar for what we expect from a film based on a comic book. Even with the critical acclaim for The Batman, some think it will be impossible for it to ever top The Dark Knight.

Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne stands in front of his Batman suit
Warner Bros.

There are other ways to celebrate Batman Day of course. This year is the 30th anniversary of the excellent animated film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. And the new 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray hits just before Batman Day. So you can celebrate in the comfort of your own home. But for those of you out there who are Nolan die-hards, and live near a Showcase Cinema location, you can get tickets for Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises now. And for those of you who just want to watch The Dark Knight? You can get your tickets now via Fandango, or the Alamo Drafthouse.

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