Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence Wake Up to Danger in PASSENGERS Trailer

If you are going to wake up from deep hibernation 90 years too early on a colossal space ship, you definitely, definitely could do worse than to be stuck with only Chris Pratt or Jennifer Lawrence as a traveling companion. Especially when you might not have long to live because weird, potentially fatal things start happening.Sony has released the first official trailer for their new adventure sci-fi movie Passengers (which we first came across at Entertainment Weekly), starring both of America’s sweethearts as the two members that (maybe not so) accidentally wake up on a “spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet and transporting thousands of people.”The trailer starts with a deceptively lighter tone. The two go on a space date, hitting the bar to be  gleefully served by an android bartender (played by Michael Sheen). However, the action picks up from there, as the two not only deal with the prospect of a lifetime alone together on a spaceship with people they can’t rouse, but also with possibly catastrophic dangers to the ship.The end of the trailer suggests that Jim (Pratt) and Aurora (Lawrence) weren’t awakened by accident, adding a much more mysterious and possibly sinister reason for their predicament.With the combined dangers of deep space exploration and the psychological pressure of being alone in the universe, Passengers is reminiscent of recent sci-fi blockbusters Gravity, Interstellar, and The Martian. With Pratt and Lawrence as the two leads, it certainly has the potential to be as big a box office hit as those films. Because you can definitely, definitely do worse than being stuck with Pratt and Lawrence in a dark theater for a couple of hours.Passengers opens December 21. What did you think of the trailer? Travel deep into the space we call our comments section below.

Image: Sony

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