Chris Hemsworth Answered Questions on Quora and It Was Delightful

Replies on Quora can be so hit or miss the site employs an “upvote/downvote” feature so users can separate useless responses from helpful ones provided by real experts.

So for example if you wanted to know all about Thor and how strong he is, you’d hopefully hear from someone who knows a lot about Odin’s Son. Well there’s no greater authority on the God of Thunder than Chris Hemsworth, and he recently answered some questions on the site about himself, his workout regiment, and his fellow superheroes. And they are hilarious.

One fan wanted to know about how he got tapped by Marvel to play Thor. Turns out it was a family affair.

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He’s talking about his younger brother Liam of The Hunger Games fame, which makes it even funnier his older brother Luke (Westworld) also was cast as “Thor” in Ragnarok.

Playing the real god though requires incredible strength, so how strong is he?

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Why didn’t he try pushing Thanos!

Keeping up his physique is a little more complicated than that though.

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And apparently he has to work out a lot, because to carry Mjölnir you must be truly be mighty.

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But as strong as he is, is he even the strongest Chris on set? Who would in a show of strength, him or Chris Evans? He says they already know the answer.

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Hmm, I know from Tom Hiddleston’s impression of him that Chris Evans is obsessed with Chris Hemsworth’s muscles, but I’m not sure those last two answers are 100% accurate.

And that’s exactly why I’m still going to upvote them.

What would you like to ask Chris Hemsworth? Share your best query with us in the comments below.

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