More AVENGERS Send Personal Message to Super Heroic Boy

In early July, a six-year-old named Bridger saved his younger sister from a dog attack. It was a truly selfless act that left him with some very serious injuries. But that was only the beginning of an incredible story about a kid who defines what it means to be one of Earth’s mightiest heroes. To honor his heroism, some of Bridger’s own personal heroes have reached out with messages of love and appreciation. That includes Chris Evans, who sent Bridger a beautiful video message, along with a promise to deliver Bridger one of Steve Rogers’s shields.

And now Bridger’s family has shared even more personal messages he’s received from the Avengers.

On July 9, Bridger and his four-year-old sister walked into a friend’s backyard and immediately found themselves in danger when a German Shepherd charged at them. Desperate to protect his baby sister, Bridger stood in front of her, taking the full brunt of the attack. The dog bit his face and head multiple times. But Bridger was still calling for his sister to run while it was happening. He then helped her get to safety when the dog let up.

Bridger was incredibly heroic throughout the entire painful, bloody ordeal. He needed over 90 stitches to pull his face and scalp back together. Yet he only cried when he got an IV. The young man was also worried something bad would happen to the dog.

But the most amazing part of the story might be what Bridger said when asked why he protected his sister. According to his aunt, he answered, “If someone was going to die, I thought it should be me.” What a kid.

After his aunt shared his amazing story of bravery on Instagram, some of Bridger’s own big-screen heroes began reaching out to him. Hugh Jackman, Zachary Levi, Anne Hathaway, the Russo Brothers, Robbie Amell, Mark Ruffalo, and Tom Holland have all sent messages to him.

Now the family has shared some more videos of those interactions. The brave boy got a call from his favorite Avenger, Spider-Man himself. And as though that wasn’t enough, Tom Holland told Bridger he will have him visit the set during filming of a future Spider-Man movie.

Chris Hemsworth also recorded a message in an Instagram story praising Bridger’s heroism.

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But in classic Iron Man fashion, Robert Downey Jr. says he will outdo Captain America. Chris Evans will be sending Bridger a shield. But Tony Stark promised to outdo that on Bridger’s next birthday.

All of these videos are obviously incredible. But they aren’t surprising.

Earth’s mightiest heroes always look out for one another.

Featured Image: Marvel

Originally published on July 16, 2020.

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