Chris Evans Pranks Fans at a Comics Shop

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Chris Evans has said in a few interviews that, in real life, he’s probably more like the Human Torch than the stoic Captain America. And he actually got to show that more playful side of himself recently in a hidden camera prank video, speaking to unsuspecting fans through a Cap doll. Suddenly, the Boston comics store whose shelves these geeks are browsing turns into an escape room, and the First Avenger guides them through a secret mission to root out a hidden Hydra agent. After some twists and turns–and plenty of silliness in broad daylight–Evans’ draftees have a close encounter in a basement they never, ever could’ve expected. Watch on.

If Evans seems like exactly the kind of dude you’d want to navigate an escape room with, the star actually is offering fans an opportunity to step in these prankees’ shoes. You may recall him putting himself up, along with a slew of Captain America swag, in a charity raffle in December. The offer is still open at Omaze. All proceeds will be going to Christopher’s Haven, an organization which sets young cancer patients up with fun, comfortable, and convenient lodging while they’re undergoing treatment.

Omaze has partnered with a bunch of other super hero celebs for similar charity fundraisers. Previous hidden camera pranks have seen Ben Afleck blindside fans by rolling up in the Batmobile and Chris Pratt suddenly dropping into some surprised kids’ worlds as Star Lord. And there are a bunch of drives that are still ongoing. Here, mecha pilot and sometimes talking tiger Idris Elba puts on his best come hither face in search of a Valentine (and more specifically, somebody to “pound his yams.”)

And here, the cast Teen Wolf offers viewers a chance to go beast mode and walk on set as a werewolf in an upcoming episode. And potentially wolf down some burritos.

Would you trust Mr. Evans in an escape room? Does any of the swag being offered in this drive look appealing? Share your thoughts in the talkback.

Image Credits: Omaze

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