Chris Evans Acknowledges His Very Awkward Photo Stance

Chris Evans is good at many things. He’s a brilliant Captain America. He wears a NASA hat very well. And I was actually very charmed by his directorial debut, Before We Go. But here’s the thing, while Chris Evans is great at many things, he’s not perfect. The actor recently stopped by Disneyland‘s California Adventure for a presumably magical adventure. It’s hard to tell in the images, however, because Chris Evans is an awkward poser. Evans stars in the new Pixar movie Lightyear, where he voices the “real” man behind the iconic Toy Story toy. So, naturally, during his Disneyland day he posed with some iconic Mouse House characters.

Chris Evans at Disneyland, surrounded by characters from The Incredibles, Toy Story, and Inside Out

Rocking the aforementioned NASA hat, Evans opted for a no frills pose, the tight smile with hands firmly pocketed—for both pics. There’s a pic with some Pixar pals, from The Incredibles, Inside Out, and, of course Toy Story. But he opts for the same stance with Disney royalty Mickey and Minnie, dressed like Woody and Buzz, no less.

Chris Evans at Disneyland with Mickey and Minnie dressed like Toy Story's Woody and Buzz

But the pose itself is a little tough. In fact, people couldn’t help but wonder… did Chris Evans actually visit Disneyland? Is this all photoshop? The Gray Man star took to Twitter to address the issue. He alleges he was, in fact, there. And he is firmly on-board with the jokes. Calling the pose “disciplined” he admitted he doesn’t know what to do with his hands.

Quite frankly, you’ve got to respect the honesty. Whom among us hasn’t awkwardly posed for a photo. There is nothing more awkward than trying to figure out what to do with those pesky appendages during a quick photo op. Still, this man has been famous for how long and is still struggling with this grave issue. Did Chris Evans circa Not Another Teen Movie and The Perfect Score fare any better? Or is this a post super serum issue?

I, for one, think the pose works. Some might call it a power stance. But I think it’s the pose of someone feeling a little awkward but trying their best to be cool. It’s a stance I feel like embodies his general energy. Never change that stance, Chris Evans.

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