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Gather ’round, kids, and listen to my tale of the computer games of years gone by. Those without any kind of newfangled “graphics” or flashy “UI.” If you had a Commodore 64 or Apple when you were young, chances are you entered the epic worlds created in Infocom text adventures.

>what are text adventures

Zork, Enchanter, and other Infocom games spun tales of fantastic adventures which you had to navigate using only your keyboard and a hand-drawn map (which you drew yourself). For many who played them, Infocom’s text games were memorable, magical, and occasionally really, really frustrating.

Nostalgic for text adventures gone by? You can relive the adventures again! Download the official  Lost Treasures of Infocom app, play an updated version of the classic Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy  in your browser, or embark on new journeys written by fellow text adventure aficionados with  Frotz.


Lost Treasures of Infocom

A treasure trove of Infocom games is at your fingertips thanks to this mobile collection from Activision. Lost Treasures of Infocom comes with one free (and arguably the best) text adventure: Zork I: The Great Underground Empire.

If you want to unlock other classic text adventures, you can purchase games in packs for $2.99, or all the games for $9.99. Enchanter, Ballyhoo, The Lurking Horror, Starcross, the Zork sequels, and many more are all available for hours of text adventure fun. Even better, the games come with maps and “Invisiclues” to help you on your way.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – 30th Anniversary Edition

The one classic game missing from the official collection of Infocom adventures is the incomparable Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. But don’t panic! The entire game can be played in your browser on the BBC web site.

If you prefer to use a real keyboard to play your text adventures, you’re going to love this updated version. The 30th anniversary edition comes with all of the personality of the book, along with a UI that shows the room you’re in, your inventory, and more. And, with account creation, you can even save and reload your game(!), a handy function when the Vogons kill you.


Nostalgia is always worth indulging in, but if it’s a new adventure you’re looking for,  Frotz is a library of new stories written in recent years.

The free app comes pre-loaded with text adventures from passionate authors, and allows for easy browsing of the interactive database to find and download new worlds and stories to explore.

What were your favorite old school computer games? Tell us your favorite game in the comments!

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Image Credits: Activision, BBC, App Store

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