Science Allows a Chocolate Easter Bunny to Scream When Bitten

Science has given us many important innovations. It allows us to create working  Batman Bat-Signals. It lets us move one step closer toward allergy-free cats. Science even opens the door for us to fully understand why spiders and frogs may make friends. But this latest feat of science is absolutely one we didn’t know we needed, talking chocolate. And not just any talking chocolate, a chocolate Easter bunny who screams out for help whenever we bite it. What will science think of next? Let’s take a look at this foray into conductive food.

YouTuber Repeated Failure seems to have a YouTube channel exclusively for interrogating the nuances of creating screaming chocolate bunnies during Easter every year. And this year, he’s back for more fun, which we first saw on  GizmodoThis video involves a few, ehm, repeated failures before the engineer returns to his tried and true methodologies. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to consider how we might make food conductive and safe to consume. In this case, the food/chocolate Easter bunny needed to become conductive so the noise mechanism would know when to go off. Once the conductive connection became disrupted, the speaker would know to make noise. We can’t say exactly to what end beyond this one. But there is probably a whole slew of interesting things that can be done with talking Easter chocolate and other talking food.

Chocolate Easter bunny screams while being bitten in a conductive foods science experiment
Repeated Failure

We do learn that beeswax, sunflower oil, and activated carbon will not make a conductive product. And possibly not an edible one either. But the combination of them does remind us of Venom. And beyond that, there’s something eerie but enticing about the way activated carbon floats through the air after it’s pulverized. Powdered silver, which it turns out you can consume in safe amounts, at least, also won’t do the trick.

In the end, silver leaf it is. The silver leaf gets applied to the chocolate bunny and last year’s electronics get an update. All this effort culminates in the results we set out for. Repeated Failure’s chocolate Easter bunny now screams when you bite into it. Delicious. And not only that, but it has different screams for different bite locations. For those interested, here’s last year’s video:

We can’t wait to see what will happen to the poor bunny next year.

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