These Chocolate Bars Taste Like Donuts, Avocado Toast, and More!

Just ask Willy Wonka—there’s no greater joy in life than unwrapping a fresh chocolate bar.

The smell of the cocoa, the creaminess of the candy! Now imagine if Wonka had leaned into his artisanal tendencies and added locally sourced ingredients with a millennial twist! Honestly, it’s the perfect mash-up. Compartés chocolates are gourmet versions of childhood treats. Not only are they beautifully packaged, but the candy inside is just as visually stunning. Made from scratch by hand by a small team of chocolatiers and chocolate artists, they elevate chocolate by using fresh ingredients from local farmer’s markets.

In addition to traditional fruit and nuts, their more eccentric flavor combinations are mind-blowing. They’ve managed to capture the essence of donuts and coffee by breaking up donuts and mixing them with coffee grounds from local coffee shops.

Potato chips, waffle cones, and cereal also make up some innovative bars. But it’s the more outrageous concoctions that really push the limits of chocolatiering. Avocado toast may seem like a good breakfast idea, but here the flavor is recreated into a chocolate bar by blending up premium California avocados and crunchy bits of caramelized toast.

If you’re a believer that kale will save us all, then take your trendy veggie vitamins via chocolate with a vegan kale chocolate snack. Crispy kale is combined with pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds and pressed into dark chocolate bar.

As out there as these seem, the flavor combinations actually work. And perhaps this is the future! Touting around a bar that’s a full meal from vegetables to dessert, all in one? Why, that sounds positively Wonka-esque.

Compartés chocolates can be found at their Los Angeles boutiques and online at

Images: Compartés

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