China’s ‘Monkey King’ Mech Set to Enter Giant Fighting Robot League

Ladies and gentlemen! Lovers of robo-battles throughout the world! It is time to knock your thrill level up to 11, because there will soon be a third contender in the Giant Fighting Robot Sports League. It’s another beast from the East, a mechanized DK that can TK, China’s own Monkey King!

Although the video for Monkey King is low resolution for some reason, it still hints at a menacing primate-inspired giant fighting robot that looks ready to go toe to toe with either the U.S.’s Mk. III or Japan’s KURATAS. The Monkey King is being built by a Chinese company by the name of GREATMETAL, and even though it’s not clear in the video, this robot may indeed deserve its lofty name, with the ability to “move on all fours or stand up on two legs [and] fight with a staff.” The still images below do the robot gladiator far more justice. Megabots’ team members (black shirts), and Shiqian Sun, lead roboticist at GREATMETAL. Image: MegaBots

The Mk. III, which is being built by MegaBots, Inc. — who founded the Giant Fighting Robot Sports League — will take on Suidobashi Heavy Industries’ KURATAS in a duel that’s set to take place sometime in August of this year. (MegaBots has said that it wants to be vague about the details of the fight, including the exact day and location, to prevent any issues that may come with committing to a particular venue.)

If MegaBots decides that Monkey King “has what it takes to become the first Chinese team” to enter the GFRSL (doesn’t exactly have that NFL or NBA ring to it yet), then it will likely fight the winner of the duel between the Mk. III and KURATAS.

Left: Mk. II (Not the Mk. III) Right: Monkey King Image: Megabots

Aside from that staff, Monkey King will need some serious offensive and defensive capabilities to deal with either challenger however, as the Mk. III weighs over 12,000 pounds and can rip cars in half, and the KURATAS is over 9,000 pounds and is presumably having its twin Gatling guns upgraded to heavy-artillery status. It’s tough to say who has the edge at this point, as Suidobashi has been quiet about their upgrades, but it seems like Mk. III has demonstrated the most durable and destructive build so far.

What do you think about China’s Monkey King as a match-up against either Mk. III or KURATAS? Does this bot have what it takes to become China’s first entry into the GFRSL? Let us know your thoughts below!

Images: MegaBots, Inc. 

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