A Twisted Childhood Cinematic Horror Universe on the Way from BLOOD AND HONEY Director

The MCU has really opened our eyes to what a connected cinematic universe can do. And Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey really opened our eyes to how deliciously twisted some of our beloved childhood icons can become when put into a horror movie. Now, we’re excited about the notion of combining the two.

Bambi, winnie the pooh, tinkerbell and more will star in twisted childhood story horror cinematic universe
Disney/Jagged Edge Productions

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey director Rhys Frake-Waterfield shared with The Hollywood Reporter that he has plans to expand his collection of twisted childhood-based horror movies to include more public domain figures like Bambi and Peter Pan.

But beyond that, “[t]he idea is that we’re going to try and imagine they’re all in the same world, so we can have crossovers… People have been messaging saying they really want to see Bambi versus Pooh.”

Bambi versus Pooh would really be a sight to see. Just sprinkle Tinkerbell’s not-so-magical dust on top. But this horror cinematic universe won’t just feature Disney characters like some sort of multiverse realm. Frake-Waterfield offers, “There are many, many, many other ideas out there which aren’t tied to Disney, loads of old fairytales and urban legends, concepts that are synonymous with your childhood, and they’re the ones which I want to build up into a twisted alternative reality.”

Ruined childhood, here we come.

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