Adorable Chewbacca and Porg Family Figure Set Is Comic-Con Destiny

“My density has brought me to you. I mean…my destiny.” Forces of Destiny, that is.

The Star Wars toy line that’s halfway between action figure and fashion doll, based on an ongoing series of animated shorts, is wrapping up its tenure in toy stores, but it’s giving fans one last big special item as a Comic-Con exclusive. Chewbacca. Porgs. And for the first time in a Hasbro toy line…porglets!

Because if you thought porgs upped the D’awwww factor of Star Wars by, say, 50 percent, BABY porgs do it 100 percent, since they’re basically living tsum tsums. As the package notes, you can differentiate porg gender by their coloration; male porgs have orange fur/feathers around their eyes.

The Chewbacca figure is hairy, of course. And he also talks; the 11-inch figure will come with included batteries for authentic Wookiee sounds.

The Porgs are fuzzy, and their babies soft. One is sleeping, so hush up, Chewie!

$49.99 will snag you the Falcon copilot and all four of his new friends-not-food at Hasbro’s Comic-Con booth, and at other select conventions while supplies last. And with this set, Forces of Destiny completes the Star Wars cuteness trifecta by giving us an Ewok, BB-8, and porgs. (My cousin used to insist the rancor was cute, but I think her standards might have been way off.)

Somehow we suspect even folks who never picked up a single Forces of Destiny figure before will find that the power of porgs compels them. Will you be among them? Let us know in comments below.

Images: Hasbro

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