Chelsea Peretti Is Leaving BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

NBC saved Brooklyn Nine-Nine from the television scrap heap after its shocking cancelation at Fox after five seasons, but one member of the cast won’t be making the move to a new network with the rest of the precinct.  Chelsea Peretti has announced she will be leaving the show. And while we don’t want to see her go, it does set up the possibility for one of the most epic TV crossovers ever.In a story we first came across at Deadline, Peretti revealed on Twitter she will be leaving the series where she plays the vain, snarky, secretly caring civilian administrator Gina Linetti. And unlike her previous absence from the show when she gave birth to her and husband Jordan Peele’s first child, this time she’s leaving as series regular for good, though she is leaving the door open for future appearances.

After Peretti announced her departure Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator Dan Goor put out a statement of his own praising her performance on the show. He also promised Gina, who survived being run over by a bus, will get a goodbye story worthy of her stature as one of the greats.

We’re sure both Gina and Chelsea will get a sendoff worthy of such a memorable and funny character, and we have one idea how to do make that happen. Gina is a great dancer, right? And the series is now on NBC, home of Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator Michael Schur’s other show The Good Place, which just so happens to have a pretty dope dancer of its own in Jason Mendoza. But Jason just left behind his dance crew in Jacksonville to go to Australia, which means they need a new leader. And they would really benefit from someone who knows something about following the law.Who better to lead them than the Nine-Nine’s civilian administrator/dance machine, Gina Linetti?If that happens we’re going to be so excited we might get arrested for causing a riot.In honor of Chelsea’s departure, what’s your favorite Gina moment? Tell us in the comments section below.

Featured Image: Dr. Goor Productions

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