Chaos Rolls On: Fluxx Dice Preview

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Somewhere between the world of order and chaos, Fluxx teeters on the razor’s edge with every new rule thrown down on the table. Draw 5, play 2, discard your hand after every turn; the rules behind every pull of the deck can twist the experience in unique and unusual ways. Novice players can quickly jump in knowing that all the rules are laid out before them. Experts in the game of Fluxx know how to turn those twists to their advantage. No matter how it ends, the game always begins the same way—draw one, play one.

Until now.

Fluxx Dice introduces a new way to start the game with a simple change of the rules. Instead of following the typical start, you obey the law of random chance by letting you roll for your rules. At the beginning of the game, the Dice Override rule knocks out the natural order of the game even before you draw your first card: a pair of dice determine your fate. The black die tells you how many cards to draw from the deck while the white die lets you know how many you can play. On your very first turn, for example, you could find yourself pulling two cards and playing everything but one card in your hand.

Much like the rest of Fluxx, rules change all the time. If another card comes in to set a play or draw limit, then it overrides your roll until it’s removed. The dice set also comes with additional cards to throw into the deck that will change the numbers of your roll or determine your fate with the roll of one of the dice.

Fluxx Dice push the game into the realm of chaos from the very first turn. It’s not a full game like the rest of the collection of Fluxx games, but it adds something different to the rest if you are looking for a new spin or a faster start on an old favorite. You can roll the bones start on Sept. 4th.

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