Change Your Fate with These Unique Dice

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Whether you’re looking to spice up your adventure or simply want to challenge yourself, Fate Bender D20s will make your tabletop game extremely fun or extremely painful.

Fate Bender dice were made on a whim. In 2014, Artisan Dice, a Texas-based company, decided to create a set of April Fools’ dice; one die made out of wood from the “Tree of Life” with 2 20s and one made from Bloodwood with 2 1s. Since they opened their doors, the demand has grown and these dice have evolved too, now including a third standard D20. Made out of rare woods, these handmade, lightweight, wooden dice are used as a way to either make ripples in the game or change the entire function of your play.

How it works:

Use the standard D20 made from a rare unnamed wood for your regular ol’ rolls. Is your next move completely irrelevant to the game play? Roll this die.

You’re stuck on the top of a 30-foot castle and the nearest tree is across the board. You need to tie rope to your arrow and shoot to the tree so you can zip-line down. You basically need to crit to make this one happen. If you think the odds are stacked against you, roll the double 20 die for a boost.

Your heavy-laden paladin is making a skill check for sneak, or are you taking the easy route when making a melee attack? If you are playing it safe in your actions, roll the double 1s to add to the risk.

In addition to the above usage, some DMs will make you double roll a Fate Bender die if you score a critical hit or fail. If you rolled a critical hit, you may need to roll the double 20 to confirm just how awesome you are. On the flip side, if you crit fail, you may have to roll the double 1 die for the hope that your arrow doesn’t miss the tree, the rope pulls you off the wall, and you die a very painful death at the hands of the waiting orcs.

Sure, these moves could make your game play a bit disastrous, but why play it safe? You’ve got healing potions and let’s only hope your healer has a resurrection spell in her back pocket.


Quality material: Each die is intricately made and laser engraved with scriptural numerals.Well balanced: These dice, while unique and risky, are not going to screw you.
Customizable: From woods to semi-precious stones, you can customize these dice to your exacting specifications.
Fantastic customer service: Did your Double 1 die get a chip in the wood? Send it back and they’ll fix it, and you’ll only have to pay the shipping.


Price tag: These make for a good game, but not exactly light on the budget. Ask for them for a wedding or a Christmas gift.
Timeframe for build: Each set is custom-made to order and they take a while to make as a result. Any given set can take anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks for metal engraving.

Want to start bending fate? Can you think of a situation where these would come in handy? Check Artisan Dice out here if you need to give fate an edge.

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