Accio, Time Turner! Check Out a Century of Hogwarts Fashion

Thanks to books, movies, plays, and even theme parks, we’ve been lucky enough to learn a lot about the world of Harry Potter since “The Boy Who Lived” entered our lives over 20 years ago. We can even do things like drink butterbeer and sort ourselves into our own Hogwarts houses. But the one thing we’ve never seen or read? A comprehensive history of Hogwarts fashion. Sure, we can have fun imagining Dumbledore and McGonagall in those time periods. And Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them showed us a glimpse into the fashionable life of the roaring ’20s. Because Harry Potter is such a touchstone of pop culture, many clothing companies have even created wizarding clothing lines, ensuring that we can wear Hogwarts fashion in every day life.

But has anyone ever wondered what the fashion of the Wizarding World looked like in the ’30s or ’40s? What about the hippie ’60s and ’70s? Or the bubblegum pop ’90s? Thanks to cosplayers Hayley and Michael Burson, we no longer have to wonder. The couple, whose creativity when it comes to J.K. Rowling’s series is always brilliant (check out Luna’s sweater!) have put together a video of “100 Years of Hogwarts Fashion.” It features a ton of unique styles, and it’s the kind of pure happiness we need in these times of quarantine.

In the compilation video, which starts with the 1920s and goes all the way to our current decade, the Bursons pose separately (but together in one frame) so we can get a full idea of what men and women wizards would’ve worn at the time. It’s a really cool concept and execution, because it’s not just a clothing fashion show. Each decade features different hairstyles, shoes, accessories, and even some fun props like different books and wands. While most of the costumes and merchandise come from the cosplayers’ personal collections, a lot of the looks were created using whatever clothes they had around the house: quarantine creativity at its finest.

Each decade look is so distinct, it really feels like we’re traveling through history and watching a video that our professors made us study. Our personal favorite is the 1980s, because who wouldn’t want to be rooting for a quidditch match in those jackets clothes and big funky glasses? Whatever decade you’d want to apparate to, chances are you’re bound to look pretty fashionable—and we’ve got the Burson’s to thank for that.

Featured Image: Michael and Hayley

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