This Is Halloween! Celebrate THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS with BoxLunch

Is there a song that more completely captures the spirit of Halloween than The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ “This Is Halloween?” I don’t think so. And it’s hard to believe we’ve been singing about “eyes glowing red” and hailing the pumpkin song for 30 years now. Yes, The Nightmare Before Christmas is officially reaching its third decade of life. And if the arrival of October wasn’t enough to celebrate with a scream, than this auspicious birthday certainly is. As we head into Halloween, and then, into Christmas, you can outfit yourself for the occasion with BoxLunch’s Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas 30th Anniversary collection. We at Nerdist got to take a look at a couple of the items, and they really are a ghoulishly good time.

BoxLunch Nightmare Before Christmas 30th Anniversary Collection glow in the dark bag
Rotem Rusak

Our favorite of the bunch is this backpack celebrating Jack’s ghost-dog reindeer, Zero. The description of it shares, “The adorable spectral pup is ready to keep your essentials safe as this Nightmare Before Christmas mini backpack!” And it’s true. This Nightmare Before Christmas bag is the cutest. But it has some Halloween Town tricks up its sleeve. BoxLunch notes this Zero backpack glows in the dark. You might think it would only glow a little, I know I did, but in reality the whole backpack lights up with an eerie glow. It really is delightful—much better than the glow of red eyes coming out from under your bed.

In addition to Zero, BoxLunch’s The Nightmare Before Christmas 30th anniversary collection highlights all of our favorite characters. Jack Skellington, Sally, Scary Teddy, and, of course, the Oogie Boogie, all appear to greet the season and you.

Take a look at some of the highlights below.

You can find the full collection here. We feel like ghouls and ghosts of every age will enjoy this something strange. And we’re wishing a very happy 30th anniversary to The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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