Celebrate Fifty Years of MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD with This New Documentary

Many of us grew up watching Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on PBS, and on February 19, the series will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. It’s a show that was not only monumental in so many of our childhoods, but it taught us all about being a good friend, helped us dream and be imaginative, and it empowered us to be brave and believe in ourselves.

To help the show celebrate its half-century on public broadcast television, PBS will be airing a star-studded special to commemorate the show, Fred Rogers himself, and the timeless ways in which  Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood influenced several generations of kids. Michael Keaton is the host of this delightful walk down memory lane called Mister Rogers: It’s You I Like and will feature commentary from stars like Judd Apatow, Sarah Silverman, Whoopi Goldberg, and more.

The show will also revisit some fan-favorite segments from the show like visiting Koko the Gorilla, Big Bird’s appearance in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, and my personal favorite, the trip to the Crayola Factory (seriously, watching them make those crayons got me SO HYPED as a kid).

Fred Rogers passed away in 2003, but he left behind a legacy of kindness, understanding, compassion, and tolerance. It’s weird to say this about a kid’s show, but Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood really has been an iconic part of modern American culture. After all, the show had over 900 episodes, 31 seasons, and aired from 1968-2001. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood influenced generations of children, and Mister Rogers: It’s You I Like will really take the time to appreciate the huge cultural influence Fred Rogers had on all of us.

Leading up to the premiere of It’s You I Like, PBS will be running a Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Daniel Tiger marathon. Mister Rogers: It’s You I Like will air on PBS on March 6.

Did you watch Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood as a kid? What is your favorite memory from the show? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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Feature Image: PBS

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