Cats React to a Lion Fending Off Hyenas on TV

BBC Earth’s Dynasties is a new series that follows five of the world’s most endangered animals—penguins, chimpanzees, painted wolves, lions, and tigers—as they survive in the wilderness, brushing up against danger and death. Narrated by Planet Earth‘s David Attenborough, the show has been riveting audiences overseas, and will come to the U.S. on BBC America on January 19. It also has another subset of fans: cats!People have flocked to Twitter to show off their cats’ reactions to the lion segment of Dynasties, particularly this breathtaking moment when a male lion is saved from a pack of hyenas by his friend. (Warning: Though no animals are seriously injured in this clip, there is some chomping and tossing.)

That Lion King-esque scenario caught the attention of several kitties, whose owners showed off their curiosity.

So cute! We love the fascination about their fellow felines.Will you show Dynasties to your cats when the series comes stateside?

Image: BBC Earth

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