Japan Has Vending Machines for Cat Hats

Cats are pretty notorious grumps when it comes to pet clothes. Unlike dogs, who seem generally pretty game for miniature costumes and sweaters, cats don’t take particularly well to being encased in fabric. They flop to the ground in unmoving agony or annoyingly scratch at the garment until it frays. But one thing cats are a little better at tolerating: hats. Tailor-made cat hats, the kind that velcro under the chin, have become something of a trend lately, and cat-owners everywhere have a hard time resisting the cute results. As with most things cat-related, Japan is ahead on cat-hat popularity, selling them in gacha machines—or vending machines—for utmost convenience. The results are almost too cute to handle.

That’s right, for the low price of 400 yen (about $4 USD), you can force your cat to wear a felt lobster face on his or her head. It’s truly a dream come true. (For us that is. These cats don’t seem too thrilled.)

The cat-hat trend has been making its way stateside, although we’ve yet to ingeniously put them in vending machines. Seriously, America, let’s get on this one ASAP! Just look at what we’re missing.

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Cat in a Japanese vending machine pear hat. #pearhat #hatsforcats

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Would you dress your cat in a hat? Let us know in the comments!

Image: ilovebutter/Flickr

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